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In 1531 Jacques Cartier set out on an expedition to find the Northwest Passage.Northwest Passage A sea route from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean through northwestern America, often sought by early explorers.

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Some of the worksheets for this concept are Archives on the arctic connecting to global issues with, The northwest passage and canada us relations, 57355 uo2 ias pp4, Jacques cartier, Henry hudson reading passage, Explorers of the pacific northwest an education.You can send us your reviews of this book and read reviews from other kids.It was a speculation (and shown on some maps) that there was open sea across the northern coast of the North American continent.The Northwest Passage is a sea route through the Arctic Ocean and the northern islands of Canada.For more than three centuries, explorers tried and failed to find the Northwest Passage—a route connecting the Atlantic and Pacific via the frozen Canadian Arctic.

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Countless explorers spend centuries looking in vain for a western route to the Orient and the lucrative Spice Trade over the northern part of Canada.Between 1576 and 1578 Frobisher and John Davis (Davys) explored the Atlantic coast searching for the passage.

There is an actual Northwest Passage, but it requires sailing through far northern waters that are icebound much of the year.

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Frobisher was particularly determined to find a Northwest Passage, and owned both maps and a globe (a rarity in that time) showing a definite passage to Asia through the north.The Northwest Passage is a sea route that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.English explorer Henry Hudson was determined to find the Northwest Passage via the Arctic Circle - even after his crew mutinied.

The Pacific Ocean was the main source of food for the people, and, therefore, the men spent a lot of time fishing along the coast.

If you have created this page in the past few minutes and it has not yet appeared, it may not be visible due to a delay in updating the database.The Northwest Passage provides waterway access from the Atlantic Ocean through the Arctic to the Pacific Ocean.

It resulted in France losing almost all of its American and Canadian territory to the British empire.

Use the reading passage and activities in this printable to teach Native American history to your students.They are now in Kachemak Bay, Alaska where they have found a perfect spot to spend the winter aboard.The reading passage in this printable explains the history and methods of making Native American crafts.Major Rogers (Spencer Tracy) takes out a dog with a tomahawk and some distance, as his crew moves in for just a portion of the slaughter of Abenakis, as orchestrated by King Vidor in Northwest Passage, 1940.There are roughly 1,800 players in the National Football League and nearly all of them come from the same stream.Northwest Passage: Northwest Passage, historical sea passage of the North American continent.